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*stabs you in the heart*
“shhhh. We’re being spoopy”


Marrying a white person seems terrifying tbh . Hiking ? Skiing ?!?!???? Camping ?!??????? MILD SALSA ?!???????????!!!!!!!!!!! COUNTRY CLUB ?!?!?????????????????!!!

Sometimes I like the cover of a song better than the original due to context, even though I know the other version may technically be better. I’m emotionally attached to the version I heard at a good moment.

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Oct 9


Tyra: *shaves ur head but leaves 7 patches and dyes each one a different colour*
Tyra: There are people in this industry that would kill for this look

Oct 5

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I watch porn for the storyline


I watch porn for the storyline

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who is this artist?

who is this artist?